We are the principal exporter and supplier of Gearboxes, Coupling, Pumps, Valves and Winches. SIEG instituted on May 2010 by industrial pioneered engineers, since it rooted started establishing its success in the industry. Products are well handled and installed by our prudent engineers spread across India, Middle-East and Canada. We emphasis on quality, comprehensiveness and uninterrupted services in each of the product we deliver.

SIEG is a unique enterprise that offers engineered products and services to our customers across India, Middle East and Canada. Our market is very assorted and it is not that is normally served through orthodox instant-detach abilities. An expressive digit of SIEG products are custom altered for specific customer requirements and are severed to meet each and every individual customer requirements.

We represent world class manufacturers and provide complete set of solutions for Aqua allied, Process related, Transmission requirements and Industrial Chemical for our customers. Business of dealing in all kinds and types of Products, Projects and Services covering Consumables, Food, Water, Power, IT, Infrastructure and other related, allied activities in the area of Commercial, Industrial and domestic segments, in India, Middle-east and Canada.

Group of talented and successful professional with extensive domestic and international business experience, having core business focus in engineering capital equipment's sales over and above Industrial Chemicals distribution across India, Middle East and Canada. Our trained and experienced manpower, well organized logistics and planning department by state-of-art informational technology support, makes us the ideal partner of choice for emerging companies as-well-as established Corporate anywhere in the world.